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The world keeps getting weirder. Our devices connect and disconnect us more than ever. Our emotions turn into ones and zeroes on-screen. Our lives remain chronicled by cameras everywhere. We take one step forward and one step backward as a society daily in terms of technological, social, and interpersonal advancement. All of that in mind, PRETTY AWKWARD doesn’t just serve as the moniker for the Seattle, WA alternative quartet formed by Austin Held [lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano], Nicholas Wiggins [bass, backing vocals, piano], Jake Jones [lead guitar, backing vocals], and Damien Ward [drums]; it could also be a two-word global “State of the Union” address.

Thankfully, as weird as the world seems, the group’s magnetic melodies, lush instrumentation, and hypnotic hooks never go out of style.

“We thought it would be funny as fuck to go out on stage every night and say, ‘We’re PRETTY AWKWARD’,” laughs Austin. “The name represents us perfectly. It’s a bong-rip idea, but it does speak to how we view the human experience in this day and age. It’s pretty fucking weird, man. Cars have only been around for a hundred or so years—cell phones thirty or so years, maybe. Yet, these things have changed literally everything. It’s an interesting time to be alive. Human DNA has altered. You could say it’s a commentary on how everything has evolved.”

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